Why should top candidates utilize the services of Agape Infinity Staffing?

At Agape Infinity Staffing, we’re focused on your professional success and growth.

For our candidate population, we focus on conducting due diligence and effort to find opportunities that are professionally and personally rewarding. We strive to actively indentify the precise fit for your skills, interests, schedules and financial needs Agape Infinity Staffing has a large network of relationships with facilities that look for the talent and skills that you can provide. Agape Infinity Staffing is here to help you build that bridge between your professional skills and our clients desire for top talent. Below are just a few of the benefits of choosing Agape Infinity Staffing:

-Immediate access to the best opportunities
-Great Compensation Rates!
-Access to growth opportunities to gain additional or new experience
-Professional Networks

When you choose to sign on with Staffing Plus and enjoy the many professional and personal benefits provided by us, you can choose the type of services you are most interested in, such as:

Permanent Placement – Agape Infinity Staffing provides assistance in finding permanent positions for opportunities that may not have been advertised, and we also assist in the  negotiations of salary and benefits. Many positions are NOT advertised to the general public and are only available through the special relationships that Agape Infinity Staffing has developed with our clients.