About Us

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Agape Infinity Staffing is dedicated to providing exceptional staffing, recruiting and employments services to the behavioral health/healthcare industry.


We invite you to explore our website to find out why so many healthcare professionals are turning to Agape Infinity Staffing as staffing company of choice. If you are looking for a position in the medical field including nursing jobs and  therapy jobs. CNA, RN, LPN, Nurse Practitioner?  Working to fill a position within your company? Let Agape Infinity Staffing assist go to work for you. Everything begins by understanding your needs. Contact us today to get started. The Agape Infinity Staffing “AIS” Philosophy – Our philosophy is simple. We commit to supplying quality professionals that guarantee that your staffing
solution will be a success.

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We stand behind our name. Agape Infinity. Our compassion for people will always be the driving force. We provide the perfect synergy with placement of candidates that are experts in their fields and that are striving to enhance their professional CAREERS, NOT JOBS. Our compassion for people allows us to put the needs of others first and in turn allows us to build long term relationships with customer focus being the most important component. This ensures success for ALL.



As experienced Healthcare Recruiters you will not only receive the highest level of customer service but will also have peace of mind knowing that your healthcare staffing needs will be met. We will make sure that the candidates you need meet all level of expertise needed to exceed your company’s expectations. We identify candidates needed by doing a comprehensive skills inventory, national background checks, licensure/certification verification and reference checks. You will save money and time by removing the need for expensive employment advertising and screening! AIS does that for you.